Create this sideboard with yellow accessories

Create this simple and easy sideboard table.
Simply choose a few yellow crocks and fill with
your house plants…it’s time they get repotted anyway
they are looking a little pathetic!

Add in some faux yellow orchids if you
don’t have a green thumb.

A simple homespun yellow dishtowel or runner will
as some additional color and texture.

Add some small yellow plates, fresh fruit on a cutting board,
fill the juice glasses with pineapple juice for a yellow colored drink!

Invite friends & family over for a light, yummy & healthy breakfast!

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4 thoughts on “Create this sideboard with yellow accessories”

  1. Hi …Thank you for leaving a comment about my spring wreath. I’m so glad it led me to your “Touch of Country” blog.I love the sideboard vignette … it’s so simple, but oh, so elegant. I enjoyed browsing and will be back to visit again soon.Sincerely,Janie

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