Easter at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house

Anna received a bug jar with tweezers, magnifying glass, bug net, and the container to keep her new found bugs or butterflies in. Of course, she went outside and filled it with rocks, and marbles, and hidden gems from the sandbox. I buried old gems last year like prisms, marbles, sparkly things, etc for my children to dig their “treasures”. She also received a few princess story books, candy, strawberry shortcake flip flops, ladybug garden tools, and a dress the bunny puzzle.

The boys received Marley & me DVD, candy, a book on how to draw animals & sea creatures it even had a princess in there to draw for their little sister….WHEN they feel like being extra sweet to her that is. They also received a 15 foot trampoline…YES, the Easter Bunny was generous this year!!

Grandma laughing!

The girls in my mom’s kitchen…oh my goodness my DIET must start tomorrow!



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