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Not candlelight…it’s lamplight

Try a little lamplight on your porch or patio tonite.
What a wonderful feast Mary Carol Garrity has lined up for us…
crackers, cheese, olives, grapes. Love how she put the tall skinny
breadsticks coming out of the top of the pewter tiered server.

Lots of textures going on here. Stone, wicker, leather, embossed metal.
The lamp raised up on books give it some definition. Remember,
a FLAT table is a BORING table!
Be sure to have mulitiple levels when designing your tablescapes!

That’s all for now…tell me what you think…do you like it?

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4 thoughts on “Not candlelight…it’s lamplight”

  1. I love that look! I have been adding lots of lighting to my home lately, it makes such a big difference! Bon Appetit!!!PS: I got the biggest rug in that design, it’s approx. 8 x 10.

  2. Hi there! I love that tablescape! And I love the idea of a lamp out on the porch (or in my case patio). So pretty. I really need to entertain outdoors more!XOXOJen

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