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Spa bathroom

Fill a glass bowl with lotions, candles, loofahs, nail poilish and washcloths. Set this on a tray with handles…
ready for you to grab and pamper yourself! Don’t forget the lavender oil!

Dreamy whites. See the 3 glass vases filled with cottonballs, Q-tips & cotton squares.
You could use old jars like canning jars, pickle jars, jelly jars. Simply soak the labels
off in a pan of dishwater and soap. Scrape off labels 20 minutes later and then follow
up with goo gone or lighter fluid to remove the sticker residue.

A glass carafe holds mouthwash. Fill a magazine holder with toilet paper.
I love the white wainscotting, it’s very crisp and clean looking!

Keep a tray nearby for your cup of tea or glass of wine while you are
soaking your cares away!

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