Furniture Tops

In this post I am going to show you a few of my favorite “tops” of things
in my sweet Aunt Carol’s home. The above photo is in her formal living room.

I love the angel root vine she wrapped around the candles to give them some added texture.
A book is propped open on a cake plate on stand and then topped with a paperweight.

The cloche holds an abundance of juicy pears to help pull the yellow tones into the room
from the picture.

This photo is also in the formal living room just as you enter the room.

A square wicker shade adds warmth and texture. An old wooden bowl
is filled with an assortment of round balls. The wire basket on the left is
filled with pine cones, greenery and pheasant feathers…it is a gift we gave her in
remembrance of her husband, Larry. He loved the outdoors!
Some old books are pressed together in some Fleurde-lis bookends…
notice the magnifying glass laying nearby?

This photo is from her living room. The room where she hangs out to chill and
read her favorite books and magazines.
A whitewashed arched clock, a bowl of apples, a stately urn filled with grass are among
a few of the things I love. The stacked leather boxes add subtle texture as does the rusty
armillary sphere. Notice she has a stone bird, some stacked items and an urn!
I talked about a few of those things in my last post.

Thanks Aunt Carol for such fabulous photos of inspiration.
Your home is always welcoming and of great comfort to me.
I always feel pampered when I visit.

I get my love of decorating from my mom, Sandy and my aunt, Carol. They ROCK!

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6 thoughts on “Furniture Tops”

  1. I love the tops you shared as well. You asked about missing a medicine cabinet…I’ve never had one. Can you believe it?? We have lots of cabinet space in this bathroom, thank goodness. 🙂

  2. Hi …Thank you for your nice comments on my Southern Lagniappe blog. I’m so glad they led me to your “Touch of Country.”I love your Aunt Carol’s home … it looks so warm and welcoming. I especially like the vignette on top of her tv cabinet.Thank you for sharing her ideas with us.Sincerely,Janie

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