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Outdoor Topiary out of a tomato cage


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Here is a fall topiary I made. I used a tomato plant cage and turned it upside down. Then I took floral wire and tied the “legs” that were sticking up. These are the legs that normally you push into the ground. I then soaked 3 grapevine wreaths in water to soften them a bit. Once pliable, simple start at the ground and wrap grapevine all the way around the cage securing every once in a while with floral wire. Keep wrapping cage until you get to the top.

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27 thoughts on “Outdoor Topiary out of a tomato cage”

  1. I think that the topiary is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Your blog is beautiful. You must be very creative. I love anything country.Thank you for commenting on my pinch bottle. It was used for Haig’s Scotch at one time I think. I have been told it was their 50Th anniversary bottle.

  2. Wow- this is so neat! Thanks for showing us how it's done!!I'm glad you stopped by for a visit earlier- come by anytime!!:)Happy S&TF!Linda C

  3. Hello…Ohh my…what a GRAND idea!!! I just love your grapewreath topiary! I would have never thought to do this…it’s a great idea! I’d love to try one! It’s a beautiful way to welcome your guests to your home…it’s so pretty sitting in that big urn on your porch! Thank you so much for coming by my place and taking a peek at my little angel in a jar…I appreciate your kind comments!!!Warmest wishes,Chari

  4. This is a creative way of making a topiary. I’ll put this one in my list of ideas.You left questions on a couple of my posts. I would email you, but alas no address. The vessel and faucet are both from Rona, a big home improvement store here in Canada. The baskets I have in my kitchen are from Canadian tire. I have seen these same baskets at Walmart.My Kitchen stove hood was one of my inventions, which I was successfully able to relay to the renovator.thanks for dropping byHave a great day!

  5. Don't you just LOVE tomato cages? Cheap structure for all kinds of great display & decorating ideas. I love your topiary!

  6. Your topiary looks amazing! I love finding new creative ideas like that. I can never come up with them on my own, but I’m good at copying :)Blessings,Nora

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