Our Home

Do you want to come sit with me?

My table is waiting for us to have some tea or would you prefer
some coffee? I’d love to have you over.

The windows are open and I feel a slight breeze. If you prefer we can sit
on these comfy sofas and kick our feet up on the ottomans as
we talk about warmer days ahead and our decorating dreams.
There’s even a pillow and blanket to snuggle up with.

I love wicker suitcases and bottles. No!! I did NOT drink
all the booze that came in these bottles, I swear I did NOT!
My swan is nestled on top of the suitcases, he is ready to dip his feathers
outside in the pond with his friends.

Are you ready to come sit with me?

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2 thoughts on “Do you want to come sit with me?”

  1. I will be right over! But instead of coffee or tea, could I please have a tall ice cold glass of Diet Dr. Pepper?I will bring the finger sandwiches!The chairs do look so very comfy!

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