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Tablescape Thursday

Here is a dining room table with the cool beachy colors.

Bronze chargers are topped with white dinner plates, then square robin’s egg blue salad plates followed by white serving bowls and light green bowls. Sheer organza is placed across the middle of the table followed by a iron wall mirror anchors the centerpiece. A brown pedestal raises the blue container of florals such as bells of ireland and hydrangea.

Wine glasses hold the napkins until they are needed. Green and blue rimmed salad plates set under the glass hurricanes which are filled with water and blue beach glass. Surround the table with wrought iron votive cups with tealight candles.

33 thoughts on “Tablescape Thursday”

  1. Hi there, I wanted to thank you for visiting with me and I’m so thankful that it brought me to your site. You have an interesting blog. I’m off to work now but want to come back when I have more time to relish over it. BTW, love your tablescape. It’s so fresh and pretty and I love the colors you used.

  2. I really like the beachy colors you used! Beautiful combination and beautiful tablescape!The mosaic table didn’t take me long to do. I think I worked on it a few hours a day for five days. Mostly I had to wait for things to dry and buffing the tiles took a while. Thanks for your kind comment about my first mosaic project!Manuela

  3. I love those colors together. Makes for such a serene table setting. (Unfortunately I usually have red at my table, and I’ve heard tell it makes you eat more!)Brenda

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for letting me know you were here. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hope to see you around again. I’m off to look at your’s now.Hugs, Crystal

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