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Outdoor Wednesday Our Side Garden

Join the party by clicking on the photo or link above…Have fun and enjoy!

This is a photo from last summer in our side yard. I used wrought iron stepping stones to lead you into the garden. We visited a local rock quarry to find stones to edge all of our flower beds….lots of hard work but well worth the effort!


20 thoughts on “Outdoor Wednesday Our Side Garden”

  1. What a nice layout you have there, and I would think wrought iron stepping stones would be nice to have. We used flagstone for ours, and I'm not wild about it because it tends to be a bit uneven. But it goes with the coquina walls you see around St. Augustine. You have a pretty yard.Happy Outdoor Wednesday…XO,Sheila 🙂

  2. Very pretty side yard – love the walkway. I saw your previous tablescape – are those Southern Living plates? They are so pretty. I have 2 salads and 2 mugs that I bought at a SL party. Recently, I bought one more salad plate & a bowl for 88 cents each at Goodwill. WHY would anyone cast them aside? They are so pretty! Thanks for following my blog. I am adding (or have I already?) my name as a follower to your blog. Linda

  3. How so very pretty. Thanks for sharing your garden with us. Happy Outdoor Wednesday even though its now Thursday. I am participating. too. xo Joan

  4. I love your path. I have never heard of wrought iron stepping stones but they look fabulous. And the stones along the edge are great. We use them for everything at out lake house in Michigan. We find them right in the farmer's fields.Happy Outdoor Wednesday~a little late! ;-)xoxoJane

  5. Your yard is lovely!!! I just found your blog and thought I would stop by for a little visit!!!I will be back soon!!! Enjoy the day!!!XOXOCathy

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