Tablescape Thursday Dreamy Whites

I know you are thinking WHAT? This is a Holiday table?*!*
BUT with a few changes you can take this table to a beachy summertime table!

I used iron stepping stones as the chargers. Next I mixed in my white dinnerware. Instead of sugared fruit you could place a tiny starfish or seashell for a party favor for your guests to take home. Instead of the green glass ornaments and faux snow, use white builder’s sand and seashells.

The iron basket on the wall? Well, go out to your garden and gather ferns, hostas, and evergreens for a new look. Just insert them in a glass of water and if you don’t want the glass to show, simply cover it with spanish moss.


19 thoughts on “Tablescape Thursday Dreamy Whites”

  1. Pretty table.Thanks for stopping by the Back Porch. We're spending quite a bit of time at our lake place, this summer. It's fun to figure out tablescapes, etc., with fewer dishes and accessories than I have at home, to play with. I hope you stop by again.I noticed you are going or went to Atchison for Nell Hill's. I love that store and Mary Carol. Have you been to the KC store? It's gorgeous, too. I love touring MCG's home!PS: The hamburger on mashed potatoes crossed my mind, too!:-) It's really a delicious dessert. Sort of like a chocolate orange.

  2. Hello…Such great ideas!!! This is a beautiful tablescape…I just love an all white table!!! What a great idea to use stepping stones as chargers…my goodness, I would have never thought to do that…I love this idea!!! Now I'm going to be checking out the garden centers…hehe! Thanks for sharing all the great tips and ideas!!!Warmest wishes,Chari

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