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Tablescape Thursday In the Garden

This table was one of the fabulous tables Mary Carol Garrity had displayed on her outdoor courtyard. I visited her home this weekend and was in awe of her talent once again….I was drooling as usual! The little plate covers were a greywashed wicker with a netting inside to keep out the bugs. The tables were all dressed in greens, browns, and whites.

I love the little cherub nestled in the rusty garden urn. He’s holding a fresh wonderful smelling flower. He is surrounded with green spongy moss which brings the green out of the tablecloth.

Her courtyard is surrounded with stone walls covered with ivys, and climbing vines. Not alot of color going on, just various shades and textures of green.

The chairs were black bamboo chairs and they set on the brick patio pavers which covered the entire surface of her courtyard. (except where there were plantings)

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23 thoughts on “Tablescape Thursday In the Garden”

  1. I was at Mary Carol's too!! (last Friday) Her historic home is amazing! I really enjoyed her gardens too…did you buy anything "under the tent"? 🙂

  2. Hi, I'm back…I got my placemats @ Tuesday Morning…4/$9.99! I saw those plates you mentioned at the Briarcliff store…I considered them but they weren't food safe, but they would be great on your mantle! I like the new store in KC a lot! I hope to get back to see it for fall and Christmas!

  3. I've heard so much about her, and her really fantastic stores. I keep telling Scott we need to make a trip to go visit one, when she has her house open for tour. This table is fantastic – I LOVE LOVE LOVE those plate covers. And the birdbath filled with moss and the little stone statuary – genius! I'm definitely going to file that away in my "use later" file! Thanks for sharing, I'm sure it was a great tour, and I can't wait to see more photos!

  4. Beautiful and I love the cherub too. I have been a fan of Mary Carol's for a very long time. Unfortunately, I am too far to attend one of her open houses. I have been fortunate to have a friend who goes and has taken pictures to send me. The photos and her books, I have all of them, are quite an inspiration to me. How lucky you are to be close enough to go to her Open House. Did you know she has a new Christmas book coming out soon and I feel sure she will do another Christmas Open House.Enjoyed your post.Carolyn/A Sooutherners Notebook

  5. Beautiful and I love the cherub too. I have been a fan of Mary Carol's for many years. I live to far from her to actually go to one of her Open Houses but I have a friend who has sent me photos when she went. The photos and Mary Carol's books, I have all of them, are quite an inspiration to me in decorating my home. BTW, she has a new Christmas book coming out soon. I am envious that you live close enough to her to attend her Open House. Enjoyed your post.Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  6. Oh I love her books — filled with beautiful eye candy. 🙂 This is such a gorgeous table, thanks so much for bringing it to us. The house tour must have been fabulous!!!

  7. Beautiful tablescape. I would love to find those plate covers~so elegant. And that is a wonderful idea having the urn and cherub as a centerpiece. Lovely!I never heard of Mary Carol Garrity until now. I must be living under a rock!! I will have to look up her books!xoxoJane

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