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It’s a Cloche Party!

Join Marty over at A Stroll Thru Life for a cloche party! Tons of fabulous ideas you won’t be sorry you peaked! HeeHee! Anyway, look at my photos below and then click on the cloche link to get in on the party! Have fun!

This one above is from Southern Living At HOME and features a framed photo under the cloche. The cloche is sitting atop of wood with the bark still attached. I have also see these wood circles used as chargers.

Here Southern Living At HOME place a old fashioned clock under the glass cloche. What a statement it makes!

Here in my store, I featured 2 cloches. One is sitting in a grey-green birdbath that has been filled with spanish moss, ivy and a rattan basket weaved ball. Tucked under the table, sitting on a green cake plate is the other cloche that is also covering a smaller rattan ball.

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29 thoughts on “It’s a Cloche Party!”

  1. I love the picture f/Southern Living at Home featuring the single clock under the cloche. Classic… and your rattan ball under the cloche is simple, yet classic. 🙂 Sue

  2. Lovely! Yes, I do love SL at Home. I didn't realize that I had the tray and birdhouse along with the dishes! Your cloches are beautiful! Linda

  3. Natalie…I love the new look of your blog! And thanks for posting the cloche ideas. I have one that I recieved as a gift and have had no clue what to put under it. I love the photo idea and I do have a cute little clock too! Amy

  4. I had never thought of a photograph under a cloche. What a wonderful idea! I have lots of those, but one cloche! Thanks for the inspiration!Brenda

  5. Hi , Thanks for stopping by my blog. My friend , Joy , just shared with me that if you purchased a lovely piece of junk but it is coated in grime and yuck then spray some oven cleaner on it , let set , and hose it off! It works great on old metal pcs. but be careful on painted surfaces or you may lose your paint! Sue

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