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New England Saltbox shows its patriotism

We visited the gardens at this absolutely stunning New England Saltbox home that is right here in good ol’ Iowa! A grand old flag stands at attention over the doorway. The door is painted black and has a transom window above it.

Isn’t she a beauty?!

A rustic bench holds a weathered red basket filled with herbs & salvia. I love the old stoneware jug nestled back in the corner of the basement cellar doors. What an unexpected treat in the corner. It’s all about the details people. Another flag stands guard at the back of the house.

Grapevine is rambling along the weathered grey picket fence. Oh the seasonal possibilities of decorating this fence…bittersweet, pumpkins & pinceones for fall; evergreens in the winter with dried queen anne’s lace sprayed white and sprinkled with a dose of sparkly glitter for a freshly snowflake effect. YES I know it’s only June but a girl can dream can’t she?!
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