Tropical Tablescape

This fun table is done in aqua blue and greens.
Isn’t it so fun & beachy?

Join me as we sit down to this fun table. Raffia placemats were placed vertically instead of the usual horizontal placement. Vintage looking wood trays with ornate detailing are used as chargers. Large oval platters are used for the dinner plates…after all we ARE having lobster ya know! Or if you are in the midwest we could have a big juicy steak.
Large oval serving bowls are used on top of the platter. These could hold an array of items like a caesar salad, dinner roll and potatoes.

Speaking of potatoes we LOVE potato packets on the grill. Simply cut up 1-2 potatoes per person into 1/2″ cubes, add some chopped onion, a dash of chicken boullion, a pinch of salt & pepper & a tablespoon of butter. Place all the ingredients in a large piece of aluminum foil. Bring the top and bottom edge together, crimp & roll tightly. Pinch in both ends to seal the packet. Place each packet on the grill. They take around 35-45 minutes to bake. My kids don’t like onions, but I still put them in their packets for flavor and make them pick them off…I know I am a mean mom!!

Okay, now back to the tablesetting…I like the fun polka dot glasses for water or ice tea.

Square Aqua Blue casserole dishes are filled with spanish moss and hold faux miniature pineapples, bananas, & palm trees. If you are feeling generous, give these as take home party favors to your dinner guests.

Real pineapples are place around the table for added ambiance and are can be cut open and served with dessert. How about serving grilled pineapple. The heat carmalizes the syrup and is a lovely treat to have. Serve with vanilla ice cream or a sherbert.

A metal tray table is used for the centerpiece. It is tall enough so that your guests can easily talk to each other. Tropical flowers and bamboo are surrounded with red, green & yellow bell peppers.


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