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My little boy’s accident

Tjaden, age 9
Tjaden suffered from heat exhaustion 2 weeks ago. He passed out on the walking across the street of all places!

Luckily my nephew was nearby and scooped him up quickly and brought him to me. Tjaden had been at the pool for 2 long HOT days and got dehydrated.

Took him to the doctor, actually carried him as he was so weak. Dr. Osgood did some blood and lab work and found out he was severely dehydrated and fighting a virus. They hooked him up to a I.V. and started fluids right there in the doctor’s office…I didn’t know they did that there…thought you had to go to a hospital.

After a bag of fluids and rest, he was released with strict orders to REST, DRINK & NO PLAY for a few days!

I guess now we have to watch him carefully around the heat as he can easily get it again. Once you get heat exhaustion, it easily comes back.

He had a nasty road burn on his shoulder but I didn’t get photos of that. Poor little guy!


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