Beautiful Homes & Garages near Briar Cliff Village in Kansas

Doing some drive by shooting…camera shooting that is!!

Here are some lovely homes near the Briar Cliff Village in Kansas.

Look at this neat walkway bridge…a flowing stream is below it. Love all the stone work.

Look at these stone arches…beautiful!

I love the architectural details in this front facade of the home.

Love the small brick arches over the windows of this garage. This garage reminds me of a carriage house. I love the brackets on the front of the garage under the roofline. The iron brackets on the garage doors make it look more carriage like.


8 thoughts on “Beautiful Homes & Garages near Briar Cliff Village in Kansas”

  1. These are some very lovely homes. The stonework and brick really ties them all together and I prefer brick over siding or wood. Beautiful landscaping too!!Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous area of Kansas!xoxoJane

  2. Natalie, what beautiful homes and garages. I, too, love the carriage-style garage shown in the last picture. I enjoyed your tour and look forward to seeing more of your "Touch of Country."Sincerely,Janie

  3. Thanks for visiting me. Those homes are spectacular. WE don't see any of those styles here in AZ. I love to look at homes. Hope your weeks is going great!

  4. Hi there. Those are some gorgeous homes. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I went out of town overnight and didn't get to return any blog comments. I have posted a new blog today called: Update on Oven Cleaner. I explain my process step by step. So hopefully that will shed some light on the makeover. Hope you have a great weekend. I'm off to look around your blog now.

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