Funky, Fun, Fresh Interior Designer

John Jacob Interiors

Photo 1:
Love the round wooden architectural pieces behind the sofa.

A large coffee table with lots of room for books, shells, lion heads, and greenery.

Photo 2:

Exposed timbers and glass vases are stunning.

Photo 3:
Pitchforks hang on the back wall and old clock parts hang in rustic triple frames.

Photo 4:

Love the ironstone plates on the wall.

The transom window over the french doors give added light.

Photo 5:

I heart the old wagon wheels that take up some space in this lofty room.


26 thoughts on “Funky, Fun, Fresh Interior Designer”

  1. Hi!I just came over to "folla back"and to say thanks for coming over!The photos of these rooms are just beautiful. I love taking the time to find the little things that make each one special. I have to go now…I have some catching up to do on your blog. Rhonda

  2. ~Gorgeous photos of home decor'!Thank you very much for visiting my blog and your kindness. I really appreciate it and hope you come back again soon. You're always welcome! Have a blessed evening.~Warmly, Melissa πŸ™‚

  3. Oh I love these pictures. I always have a hard time describing my taste in decorating to people, AND THIS IS IT! I love mixing the old with the new.

  4. I am starting a NEW Mr. Linky party. It will begin on Aug 10th so everyone will have a week and a half to think about their first post. I have a poll up for votes on which button should be the new button. The "party" is called The Knock Off Knock Out-where THRIFTY meets creative sensation. Help me out by voting and its the last week for the July GIVE-A-Way.Cheri Its So Very Cheri

  5. Just checking in with everyone and to give an update.I have a new party starting- Wed Sept 2. So each week I will have the Knock Off Knock Out party on Mondays and the Holiday/Seasonal party on Wed. I hope you come for a visit.New buttons to grab as well.Cheri Its So Very Cheri

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