entryway, our farm home

Front entryway in our home

Here are some pictures of our redesigned entry way we just completed.

I had been collecting vintage swim baskets for years and used 6 of them here on these two shelves. I lined them with burlap feed sacks to hide all my extra junk so my guests think I am organized…hee…hee!

My husband, Kevin and my oldest son, Zach did all the woodworking out of old barn lumber we had stored away. Nothing is better than FREE right?!

The top two shelves are 13 1/2 ” deep and 42″ wide and are supported by wooden cleats.

Below these two shelves is a picture ledge that is 4″ deep. Currently it’s holding black and white photography, a milk glass hobnail vase with boxwood, a bronze number 8 that I picked up at Lowe’s on clearance for 25 cents. Also shown is 2 oyster shell votive glass with battery operated tea light candles for nighttime ambiance and nothing says welcome that a “burning candle” they see from the outside. A 5″ architectural barn star is peeking out from behind one of the photos.

Below the picture ledge we used a 12″ board. On this board we screwed in 4 coat hooks from Lowe’s that are in an old rubbed bronze finish. An old wooden wheel is hanging from one hook.

I picked up this rectangular pillow from Goodwill for $1.75 that I plan on recovering in a vintage feed sack or burlap with some numbers stenciled on it.

The pillow is setting on a bench that is 22″ deep. They used two boards to create this depth which is perfect for displaying seasonal items in the corner while yet plenty of room for guests to have a seat to take their shoes off.

Below the bench are two metal baskets with handles, which are perfect for all those shoes that accumulate and keeps the entryway floor nice & neat. No need to fumble over all those shoes trying to get to the front door!

I am leaving them unlined so when they have snow or rain on their shoes they can drip off onto the linoleum “wooden” floor.

Hope you enjoyed our new redesigned entry way. It is great to have everything nice & neat and well displayed.

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15 thoughts on “Front entryway in our home”

  1. Oh!! This is awesome!! Actually, perfect timing. We just built a 4" photo ledge in our dining room. Yours is gorgeous, I love your decorating style. And I really like those baskets lined with burlap. This was an exciting post for me to read. 🙂

  2. I love what you did with your entrance way… Love the shelf and hooks and those baskets… I wish I could get my hand on some of them too… I haven't come across any of those YET… great job… great inspiration…

  3. I love the entryway! We have a huge space that we are going to get to one of these days. I'm hoping to do something similar. Love the old locker baskets. So perfect!

  4. I love the idea of the burlap sacks. Something I totally wouldn't have thought of,but wow! Great idea. You are inspiring me to make some changes around here. :)Thanks for sharing!

  5. I'm having basket envy! LOL I have been looking for those same type baskets (the swim basket). I'll continue my search, and enjoy looking at yours in the meantime! (smile)come see me sometime, I'd be thrilled!sweetjeanette.blogspot.com

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