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Eye Candy I bought for my new kitchen

From Ebay I ordered from Mexico a hand hammered deep farmhouse sink in copper and a hand hammered square sink for our prep sink.
Look at these beautiful adjustable swivel iron bar stools from Wisteria. They are called Cooper’s Small Draftsman Stool and it lists the information as follows:

This faithful copy of an iron draftsman stool from France in the early 1900s makes a great stool, and in our house, is Cooper’s favorite. Made with authentic vintage engineering.

  • Sleek finish
  • Inspired by a French draftsman stool
  • Functional design

They will be perfect for all the various ages of children in our home. They can raise, lower, and make themselves dizzy till their heart’s content!


1 thought on “Eye Candy I bought for my new kitchen”

  1. Thanks for stopping by the blog. My shop is in Gilbert which is just 4 miles north of Ames right off of Hwy 69…little town w/ good schools and good shopping on Main Street. Would love to have you by sometime! Loved the stools and the jars w/ daffodils in earlier post. Brenda

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