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Bedroom turned Mudroom Reveal

Shelf area above my new washer & dryers!  Lots of antique silver, milk glass, & old dust pans!

Love our new door and window.  There used to be NO door here, just a wall!  It allows us to head right outside to the machine shed and keeps the dirt in the mudroom and not the main entry of our house!  Love this!



Ikea Baskets & green boxes.  Glass jars hold laundry soap, softener & bleach.  
Square glass jar and slver bowl on pedestal hold money found in pockets!  Sink & tall faucet from Ikea.  My milk glass vases are ready for fresh cut flowers & greenery from the garden.  I can’t wait to fill these with fresh Iowa pine greens.  
Do you like my new mudroom?

 For a refresher…this is what it used to look like….

To the right of this photo is where the headboard was…now it is my new washer/dryer area!

Window & wall before new door

Closet…stay tuned of how I turned it into a pantry!          

So I ask once again, Do you like my new mudroom?



11 thoughts on “Bedroom turned Mudroom Reveal”

  1. Beautiful job Natalie! Your shelves are so organized and pretty with all of your baskets! I love the fabric you chose for your curtains! Such a great place to do laundry! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I appreciate your comments on my laundry room too!

  2. I am head over heels in a full jealous swoon over your new mudroom!! GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for sharing your amazing transformation at the Tuesday To Do Party!Smiles!

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