barn light outdoor

barn light outdoor

We just ordered these lights from Barn Light Electric They were under $55 and will look awesome on the outside of our Barn.

Believe it or not, the outside of our Barn had never been lit…don’t know how my in-laws did chores outside with only a yard light…don’t know about you, but it gets rather dark…I mean D-A-R-K out here in the country, and well…spooky.  You’ll never see my hubby outside without a flashlight….YES he’s a big chicken!

Anyhoo, I ordered 5 of these beauties to light up the night.  They have a glass dome that covers the light bulb and look very industrial.

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2 thoughts on “barn light outdoor”

  1. Thank you so much for the mention. I’m happy to hear you are enjoying some “light” around your barn! If you have the opportunity, we’d love to see photos of the installed lights.

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