valentine's day

I recently came across these simple, yet beautiful muslin

hearts I am wanting to make for Valentine’s Day.

Instead of muslin, I am going to use a painter’s dropcloth

from Lowe’s.  They are very inexpensive to purchase and

you get a great deal of fabric for the price.  this is the blog where i came across the image.


If you don’t have a tray similar to this, go to your local lumberyard and ask

them for some free leftover shipping pallets.

A few cuts and some nails, this tray could easily be re-created.



Here is another cute valentine craft to make.  My craft club and I made this last year.  We used cardboard for the base of the heart and covered it with torn strips of newspaper.  The center is scrunched up coffee filters.  Go see Jen at for the exact steps.


Happy Crafting!




P.S.  If you click on the photos, it will take you to their blogs, where it will open your eyes to even more beautiful things.



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