Planning my gardens….and I’m dreaming of a potting shed!

I love the classic doors and wrought iron hinges on this white shed.  The

light above the doors looks similar to something I’ve seen at Lowe’s or Menards.

Notice the trim is a darker color and sets it all off…stunning and yet simple!

I wonder if the inside looks like this?

Clay pots and cloches standing there like little

soldiers awaiting duty.  It won’t be long….are you ready?

or maybe the inside resembles this?  Old crates stacked and ready

to carry plants to the garden.  Don’t forget your hat…even when it’s

not hot outside the sun can still do a lot of damage!  Even in the winter!

A few weeks ago I bought myself some new rain boots at

Bed Bath & Beyond.  Don’t you love the animal print?  Grrr!

Last year I bought brown and aqua polka dot boots and this year

I’ll have animal print to switch it up a bit.  It gets so muddy here

at Little Prairie Girl farm.  No snow on the ground in Iowa right now, so

I’ve been sticking my new boots on to go to the barn to work on

new projects for the upcoming Barn Sale in March.


So…what spring gardening projects are you dreaming of?






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