our farm home

Our home for the holidays

The above photo shows a wall piece that I bought a few months ago.  Not sure what it is but

I think it’s something to do with grain and getting it up to the top of a grain bin?  If you know

please let me know.  Anyhoo, I decorated it with fresh greens from our trees, and vintage shiny red

balls.  The bucket on stand was from my Southern Living At HOME days (which is now Willow House)

It’s a beverage tub, but I like to use it year-round, so I just filled it with greens.  Sometimes it holds pumpkins,

sometimes rattan balls & mercury glass balls.

Here’s 2 small shelves in my kitchen i change out from time to time.  This time I put two vintage ironstone

plates with two sparkly snowflakes taped on.  A vintage hobnail glass is holding my fresh greens.

I realize these greens are kinda wonky…but they are real and that’s how they grew!

I bought the mercury glass votive cups at Target…this year AND last year…I think they were 99 cents!

Here’s one wall in our living room.  I struggle with the built in hutch constantly as it is in an awkward

spot and I have to put a chair or couch against it.  It has drawers below that are filled with movies and

so they are a real pain to get out!  I plan on removing this hutch and attaching planks to the wall OR

should I just trick it out with paint…what are YOUR thoughts on this?  YES that is a pile of dust you see…that you see.

The greenery was so fragile that every time we went near it …it shattered and fell all over!  I didn’t want to disturb the

vignette till AFTER Christmas and since we weren’t doing any entertaining with guests this year I said what the heck

at left it!  OOPS!

As you can see I still have a few empty photo frames..just waiting for the right photo!  On the mini black ledge I

displayed vintage Christmas postcards on vintage metal floral frogs.  I love collecting those little froggies!

Here’s a closeup of the vintage scale I bought this spring near Boone, Iowa.  It’s filled with more greens & vintage balls.

Here’s a closeup of our mantle.  The vintage trophy I bought off ebay right before Christmas.

The silver acorns and mercury candlesticks were from T.J. Maxx.  The rest of the silver goodies

I had on hand.  The vintage window was from a house my friend, Tina was tearing down.
Don’t you love it?

Our tree this year was decorated with shiny red vintage balls, glittered ornaments & icicles and

burlap ticking ribbon.   Was feeling very lazy this year and didn’t get a thing out from last year…this was

all purchase this year at thrift stores, target & walmart.

Hope you enjoyed the tour even if it was LATE!




6 thoughts on “Our home for the holidays”

  1. Your place is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your ideas!!! You are so talented and creative. I love the vintage window above your mantle!

  2. Wow! I am impressed with your decorating skills. Who would have thought — back at Colfax when you spent most of every day in the summer playing in the trees and picnic area between our two houses.

    I’ll bet you could do a great job on the huge beach houses that are being built here on the Peninsula.

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