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Tags, Paying, & One Last Peek!

I am guessing there is LOTS of activity going on at the
Little Prairie Girl {& Guy} Farm right now!

{I’m at work right now…..ready to head there in about an hour!}

All the vendors will be finishing setting up their booths,

and putting the final touches on for all of you!

I can’t wait to see it!


One thing Little Prairie Girl would like to do differently this time is
dealing with the tags of the larger items,
or ones that items need to be moved off of in order to get it.

Please, instead of ripping the tag off the item, find one of the sales clerks.
{You will likely find us behind the sales counter.
Or look for someone in a Little Prairie Girl apron.}

We will then put a SOLD sign on the item.

You will then have one hour to pay for your item, before the sold sign is removed.

However, if you are too busy shopping around an hour later,
just keep us posted that you are still shopping.

Sorry for any inconvenience this causes, but it will help us in the end.


As you are preparing for the sale {gathering your funds, checks, debit/credit cards},
please keep in mind that each vendor at the sale is separate.

If you pick up an item from one vendor, please pay for it before you leave that vendor.
Some vendors allow debit/credit cards, but not all have the capability.


If you have yet to sign up for our newsletter, you might want to!

I am hoping to send out one last BIG sneak peek via newsletter,
with a private link to a blog post.

Don’t miss out!

See you at the sale!

{Nicole…Farmgirl Chaos}  🙂


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