valentine's day

Valentine Wreath

ImageEach year I love to bring out my Valentine’s wreath I made.  I do not have it hanging on my door, but have it proudly displayed on my dining room column as you enter my front door looking thru to the dining room.

It’s a CHEAP craft to make as most of you are probably still on a TIGHT budget that results from overspending on loved ones….especially my children!!

For the base of the wreath, I used a old piece of cardboard from a Christmas box we received in the mail.  It’s corrugated cardboard so it makes it a little more sturdy.

I used old sheet music for the wording part. The burlap ruffle is a torn strip of burlap that is hot glued on every inch or so.  The center of the heart is tan coffee filters.  I think I bought these at a health food store..if you can’t find any just tea dye regular white ones for the same effect and let dry overnight before you begin this craft.

Check out this post for the step by step instructions:

I hope you are doing well this winter and look forward to seeing you all in a few short months for our Spring Barn Sale in April 2013!



Little Prairie Girl

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