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2013 Barn Sales!!

2013 Sales

Even though we have received yet another layer of snow, we are still gearing up for the first Barn Sale of 2013!

There are some fun changes going on in the Barn…but we are keeping it a surprise!

As you can see from the above postcard,all Barn Sale dates and times for 2013 have been set.

So get your calendars out and mark those weekends!

Two additional new things this year….
Barn Sales Weekends have extended to Sundays!
the Barn only will be open every weekend {same hours as sale hours}!

To clarify….

The Barn Sale Weekends are still the BIG sale where all exhibitors will be in their booths,
selling their most recent finds, treasures, and products.
Exhibitors will be located in the Barn, Hen House, Corn Crib, and Machine Shed.
These are the sales that the exhibitors prep long and hard for.

The new weekend hours, outside of the Barn Sale Weekends, the Barn ONLY is open.
The Barn exhibitors do not have to be in their booth, and will restock as time allows.
No other exhibitors will be in the other buildings on these weekends.

There are always junkers who aren’t able to make it to the Barn Sale Weekends.
By being open more, we are hoping we can now accommodate those junkers,
as well as be a destination as junkers plan their junking trips across Iowa and the Midwest. 🙂

If you are interested in being an exhibitor during the Barn Sales,
please check out the link on the right side
for the Scribd document, or click here:
Exhibitor Application/Contract 2013

For the April Barn Sale, the application/contract deadline is March 5.

We are looking forward to our 2nd year of
Little Prairie Girl Barn Sales,
and hope that you are too!


2 thoughts on “2013 Barn Sales!!”

  1. I found an item at the last barn sale. Ive not heard from you . I have left several messages and there hasnt been any emails or response from you. I have a witness that I gave the item to you at the register and Im very disappointed I havent heard or read anything like you promised at the time.

    1. Yes her sister claimed it 5 minutes after you walked away. I’m sorry I thought someone called you back…I apologize. She was overjoyed with someone turning the pandora bracelet in.

      LOVE that I have HONEST customers..THANKS! I apologize this is the first email I received as well as the phone call.

      Sincerely sorry,

      Natalie Meester, owner

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