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Glamping we will go!


This summer we had the pleasure of going on our first Glamping trip to Basswood resort In Platte City, MO and then Sparks Flea market in Sparks, KS.

What a fun adventure it was….our first time traveling on a road trip of 4 1/2 hours one way and YEP!, little Harriet cruised effortlessly like the little beauty she is.

Harriet is a 1962 Shasta that we lovingly restored and she’s PRECIOUS!



I love the vintage bulb garland we bought at Target and the mini pennant bunting my dear mom created just for Harriet.

Look at  her little crank out windows!  Enjoy all the photos…there’s a lot…sorry but too many good ones not to post.  I hope this inspires you to get Glamping!  See you on the road….happy summer,



Little Prairie Girl


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