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Living room updates

IMG_1458I love designing spaces that are Easy to change up and most of all Simple & Clean but yet Cozy & Warm.

The living room in our 1950’s cape cod home was lacking warmth and personality when we’d moved in a year and a half ago.  White plaster walls filled with cracks and holes from years of being a rental house.  The woodwork was a stained wood color….I’m thinking maybe birch wood?  Sloppy painters over the years had taken their toll on the sad but still in tack woodwork that filled this room as well as many other rooms in our sweet little home.

A few coats of “Roman Column” paint color by Sherwin Williams and our windows started to breathe in new life AND LIGHT!

Since I like to change things frequently … I mean several times a year I chose simple furnishings in neutral tones and then add POPS of seasonal color in accessories like the yellow Pepsi wooden crate for spring/summer that holds our remote controls and my never-ending fresh supply of the decorating, lifestyle & fashion magazines….all neat, tidy and in a controllable pile. (I tend to want to hoard my decorating magazines)

The curtains are shades of grey, mustard yellow and off white…and can you guess what’s unique about them? Any guesses yet?  Well, I’ll tell you my little secret to inexpensive curtains that you can change for the seasons…..TABLECLOTHS!  Yep! They come in all sizes and colors!  You can add height to your windows by moving your curtain rod way to the ceiling and buying a longer tablecloth.  Easy and inexpensive!  It will add height TO your room and more light IN your room.

My pillows my sweet Mama made and I also change them seasonally.

The basket trunk I use as a coffee table a friend gave me and it has the coolest rope handles and metal iron strap hinges….she was tossing it out and I quickly said YES!  SCORE!!!

Our wingback chair I bought for $20 from my mom…who bought it from my Aunt Carol and the ottoman was something my mom recovered years ago.  A true hand me down…lol!    I have plans to redo both of these pieces in the near future for a clean modern but cozy look!  Stay tuned for updates on these two pieces.

In between the sofa and wingback is a little heater in which someday I hope to find a small piano bench or something like that to slip right over it.  To disguise the top of the heater and bring it up to end table height, I added an old wooden box with lid.  Rustic and the black strap and rusty hinge that encases the box add history and some vintage vibes into the room.  I store old church hymnals in there and old bible study materials I like to go back and study time and time again.

My old chippy baluster lamp has the grungiest patina…it makes my heart skip a beat!  The burlap shade is octagon in shape and this too I often change out especially near Christmas time, a red and black check shade always looks awesome!

I  need to add in summer greenery and seashells in the Pepsi crate and end table and then give my mantle a summer makeover but I thought I’d share today with you my living room, in its simple state….EASY~SIMPLE~CLEAN!

Warm hugs,


Little Prairie Girl

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Beach Cottage look coming soon to Little Prairie Girl Barn Sale June 8 June 9


You don’t have to live here to create some beach side cottage decor into your home; nor do you have to change all your decor to seashells & sand…just a few simple touches can take your home from spring into summer.

Take a look at this porch..


It reminds me a great deal of our enclosed screened in porch except for the wall and trim colors…unlike the photo above, I chose a dark brown for the walls and window screens to cover the unsightly fly droppings that nevertheless occur when you live on a farm with livestock.  I didn’t want to be continually scrubbing the windowsills and walls daily so dark brown was a great choice for me.

Add some light-colored pillows…cheap painters cloth works great to recover pillows you already may own; or spice it up with some orange, key lime green, red & aqua.  Pick a color or colors that remind you of the beach or the water.

Growing up I didn’t get the chance to go to tropical beaches so when I think of waterside cottages I think of Pine Lake, Clear Lake, or Red Rock….even the waters at George Wyth near Waterloo, IA.

Whites don’t always have to be a key color…I think of the colors in tartan plaids, deer antlers, moss and even minnow buckets.  Love me some browns, silver, shades of  whites, greens and blues.  My summers were spent at cabins in the Midwest for our yearly summer vacations….usually Iowa, Wisconsin & Minnesota were the highlights of my summer.

Usually we spent the week in a tiny cramped cabin with my aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, brother, sister and of course my good ol’ mom & dad!  Sometimes it was a multi-room cottage and sometimes a very small cottage; but no matter what the size it was always FUN and full of such great MEMORIES.

I remember the year we got my great-grandmother Ann Penning into a tiny old silver fishing boat..she was quite elderly at the time and I remember we had to first get her down a HUGE flight of stairs that led to the dock and then into the boat…never a grumble she did make though…just happy to be going along with the family.  I am guessing at the time she was in her late 70’s early 80’s …not sure though?

I remember them looking something like this:


and I remember our cottages usually looked like a fishing shack/cottage similar to this:


although they were usually white or dark brown on the outside and the inside looked something like this:


and the views were AMAZING and usually like this:

Scatter in vignettes around your home some seashells from your vacations or if you don’t have any then make sure to pick some up at our barn sale next weekend!


We will have boat oars for you to make one of these:


and we will have a variety of straw hats for you too!


We will also have some white sand, wooden boxes & glass jars for you to recreate

a look similar to this:



Well that’s all for now…just a few ideas to get you started on your way to a beach cottage look…

hope you can join me next week for Little Prairie Girl’s June Barn Sale!

June 8 10-6

June 9 10-4


20428 160th Street

Holland, IA 50642

We are not in the town of Holland…we are north of Holland near the junction of Hwy 14 & Hwy 20.

When you drive north past The Mill Welcome Center on Hwy 14, you will want to take the first gravel road west which is 160th Street.  We are 2.5 miles down the gravel road…look for the signs and the big red barn with silo!

If you get lost call Kevin at 319-240-8541

Nicole at 515-450-0562

Natalie’s (last scenario) 319-240-5060

Can’t wait to see you soon and Happy Summer!


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She sells seashells by the seashore

Well not really by the seashore but I got this seashell planter here in Iowa of all places! I found a new consignment shop in Cedar Rapids called STUFF. They have 4 locations in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area.

I picked this up for $2.99 and really love the texture of it.

Here it is on the side of my fireplace mantle with some of my old wicker covered bottles I have been collecting for 10 years or so.

I went out to my garden and picked some hosta, honeysuckle, and porcelain vine leaves for a fresh natural look.

I love the simplicity of the leaves, but you could add white daisies, yellow sweet peas or even blue salvia if you want an added pop of color. Tuck in a small flag for the Fourth of July.

The rope ball I picked up at Walmart of all places!

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