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Annual Storewide Sale

Its time to purge for FALL and get ready for new merchandise!

I am dreaming of all things cozy as I write this blog post.  Toffee Nut Lattes with extra cream on top and a sprinkle of salt & caramel topping please!




We cannot wait to take lots of Fall trips scouting out new merchandise in quaint little towns and farms just for YOU our FAVORITE customer!  Without YOU we couldn’t do what we LOVE to do day in and day out.  It’s sometimes stressful, not very glamourous but oh so rewarding when we see the smiles and excitement on your faces as you stroll thru Little Prairie Girl.   We beam with humble pride when we hear you say “It’s my favorite store on Main Street!”


So in order for us to make room in the store we are having a



The store has really got it going on!  Choose from some amazing jewelry…..

Create your own charm necklace or bracelet! Charms are 3 for $12 regular price


You know you love that BLING!
Gather round the table and create those memories.
Great selection of Beach, Camp & Cabin Decor

So with those photos as a little teaser, pick up the phone and call your favorite girlfriends and GET IN THE CAR AND COME!

Warm Hugs,


Little Prairie Girl


Mother’s Day in the garden

Mother's Day in the garden

Anna, age 10 planting rosemary, basil, peppermint, cilantro, lavender in an old wheelbarrow right near the house…easy access to fresh herbs all summer!


Planning my gardens….and I’m dreaming of a potting shed!

I love the classic doors and wrought iron hinges on this white shed.  The

light above the doors looks similar to something I’ve seen at Lowe’s or Menards.

Notice the trim is a darker color and sets it all off…stunning and yet simple!

I wonder if the inside looks like this?

Clay pots and cloches standing there like little

soldiers awaiting duty.  It won’t be long….are you ready?

or maybe the inside resembles this?  Old crates stacked and ready

to carry plants to the garden.  Don’t forget your hat…even when it’s

not hot outside the sun can still do a lot of damage!  Even in the winter!

A few weeks ago I bought myself some new rain boots at

Bed Bath & Beyond.  Don’t you love the animal print?  Grrr!

Last year I bought brown and aqua polka dot boots and this year

I’ll have animal print to switch it up a bit.  It gets so muddy here

at Little Prairie Girl farm.  No snow on the ground in Iowa right now, so

I’ve been sticking my new boots on to go to the barn to work on

new projects for the upcoming Barn Sale in March.


So…what spring gardening projects are you dreaming of?