{Exhibitor Application/Contract for all 2014 Barn Sales.}



PLEASE do not call to see if you can get in BEFORE filling out an application/contract! This is a juried show and all applications must be submitted

FIRST for review of our staff, THEN we will call or email you with our decision. Thank you for your cooperation in this.

EXHIBITOR’S BUSINESS NAME:                                            

EXHIBITOR’S NAME:                                                 

ADDRESS:                        ________________________________________________________

CITY:                     STATE:        ________________________________________________________

ZIP:         CONTACT PHONE #:            ________________________________________________________

EMAIL {required}:                            ________________________________________________

WEBSITE/FACEBOOK PAGE:                                                


Tell us about your business and describe your merchandise:


New Exhibitor applicants: please submit 2-3 photos of merchandise and your display style with the form or via email at littleprairiegirl@gmail.comBooth Preference {select one}

Rate is good for the full sale weekend. With the Barn booth space, you may keep your merchandise in the Barn, with any sales sold outside the big Barn Sale weekend we charge 20% commission.

In the Hen House, you must set up and take down your booth space and merchandise each sale weekend.

    Barn Booth space 11’6″ x 12′ $115

2 Barn booths {if available} $225

Hen House Booth Space 10′ x 10′ $60 Electricity needed in Hen House {circle one}: YES NO {note we have VERY little avail}


2014 Barn Sale Dates & Hours


April 11 & 12

Sept 12 & 13

Oct 10 & 11

Nov 7 & 8

Dec 5 & 6 {exhibitors please note there is NOT heat in Hen House should you choose to exhibit…dress WARM! {No heaters allowed}




Fridays 10-7 Thursdays: 10a-10p

Saturdays 10-4 Fridays: 7a-9a MUST be set up by 9:30 a.m. at the latest!


We will stay open 1 hour or so after closing for restocking on Friday of Barn Sale & also open early at 7 a.m. on Saturday for any restocking. Buildings remain locked overnight.



1. Keep your spaces neat in appearance, restocked and staged in accordance with Little Prairie Girl standards. Assist your customers with loading merchandise and provide good customer service. All components of your display must be kept in your designated space. Keep aisles clear and unobstructed. Make access in and out of your booth as easy as possible. BARN exhibitors MUST restock/stage MONTHLY at least! Too many booths were neglected in 2013. We cannot sell and make us both money out of half empty booths; nor does this provide an ongoing mix of fresh & new merchandise to keep them coming back for more! Your will be asked to vacate barn and your contract will be void if you cannot commit to do this at least monthly.
2. You are solely responsible for your property and the security of it while at the event. Be sure to take action to prevent shoplifting from occurring in your booth. Be in attendance of your space at all times during the entire event. Little Prairie Girl is not responsible for any stolen items.
3. All back stock, moving equipment and packing products (boxes, tubs) must be stored out of sight.
4. Little Prairie Girl does not provide backdrops or partitions. Vendors will bring their own if they desire. We ask that tables be covered. However, table coverings will NOT be provided. Please do not nail or staple anything to tables provided, if applicable.

5. Sweep booth space after set up AND at the end of each sale day as well as when you are restocking!

6. Empty garbage and remove them from booth space after set up, at the end of each sale day, after take down, after restocking monthly AND as needed.
7. ABSOLUTELY NO EARLY TAKE DOWN ALLOWED PRIOR TO THE CLOSE OF THE SHOW! You will be voiding your contract if you do so!

8. No open flames are permitted in the building.

9. No smoking, no animals and no alcoholic beverages are permitted neither in the buildings nor on premises by exhibitors.

10. Be certain that all items are priced prior to the SALE. If you are an exhibitor in the barn, all items must be priced. If customers wish to purchase an item and it isn’t priced, Little Prairie Girl employees will try to call contact number listed. If no response within 15 minutes, we have the right to price the item to the best of our abilities.

11. Barn exhibitor monthly commission checks will be ready the 3rd Friday of each month. We do not mail these and you need to pick them up along with your price tags. This would be a great time to restock and restage your booth J



  1. Agrees to indemnify, defend, protect and hold harmless the sponsors, proprietors of location and off of its associates for any personal injury, loss,

or damages of any nature suffered by any person, exhibitors, and especially the attendees while within the exhibitor’s space or caused by the exhibitor.

Exhibitor may not assign their contract for exhibit space or permit any other person to use part of the said space.

  1. Agrees to hold harmless the sponsors, proprietors of location, and its associates for any merchandise lost, stolen, or broken.


  2. Agrees that, should an accident occur within the exhibitor’s space caused by the exhibitor’s displays, products or unsafe conditions, the exhibitor will be held liable.
  3. Agrees to read and be responsible for compliance with all rules and regulations in this contract.
  4. Is responsible for product liability and accurate representation of products offered for sale.

LITTLE PRAIRIE GIRL reserves the right to formulate additional rules and regulations if necessary for the betterment of the show.

LITTLE PRAIRIE GIRL is owned and operated by Kevin and Natalie Meester.

I have read, understood, and agreed to this contract.


Date:                __________________

Christmas in the Country

Our final BIG Barn Sale of 2013 and you won’t want to miss this one!

We have a phenomenal list of talented & creative vendors who bring a wide-variety of inspiring & unique products to this event and this SALE is going to be incredibly special.

Join us for a festive, holiday celebration with some of the most amazing people in the Midwest!   Enjoy incredible food, a great selection of vintage finds,  home decor, jewelry, apparel & accessories, antiques and so much more.  We are so blessed because we truly do have something for everyone at Little Prairie Girl and we look forward to seeing you at our Christmas in the Country SALE!    

Falling into Autumn Barn Sale

Falling into Autumn Barn Sale

September 13 4-7
September 14 9-4
September 15 12-4

Is it on your calendar yet?

2013 Barn Sales!!

2013 Sales

Even though we have received yet another layer of snow, we are still gearing up for the first Barn Sale of 2013!

There are some fun changes going on in the Barn…but we are keeping it a surprise!

As you can see from the above postcard,all Barn Sale dates and times for 2013 have been set.

So get your calendars out and mark those weekends!

Two additional new things this year….
Barn Sales Weekends have extended to Sundays!
the Barn only will be open every weekend {same hours as sale hours}!

To clarify….

The Barn Sale Weekends are still the BIG sale where all exhibitors will be in their booths,
selling their most recent finds, treasures, and products.
Exhibitors will be located in the Barn, Hen House, Corn Crib, and Machine Shed.
These are the sales that the exhibitors prep long and hard for.

The new weekend hours, outside of the Barn Sale Weekends, the Barn ONLY is open.
The Barn exhibitors do not have to be in their booth, and will restock as time allows.
No other exhibitors will be in the other buildings on these weekends.

There are always junkers who aren’t able to make it to the Barn Sale Weekends.
By being open more, we are hoping we can now accommodate those junkers,
as well as be a destination as junkers plan their junking trips across Iowa and the Midwest. :)

If you are interested in being an exhibitor during the Barn Sales,
please check out the link on the right side
for the Scribd document, or click here:
Exhibitor Application/Contract 2013

For the April Barn Sale, the application/contract deadline is March 5.

We are looking forward to our 2nd year of
Little Prairie Girl Barn Sales,
and hope that you are too!

Vintage Style Valentine’s Day Ideas


How sweet is this little heart made out of vintage chenille and an old skeleton key!  I love the textures involved.  Each year I try to craft a new Valentine’s Day creation to add some warmth and LOVE to my home.

I have some scraps from another project that I will use to re-create this look.  You don’t have to hang it on a peg…try nestling it inside a bowl with shredded old book pages…another texture added to the element! :)


On my mantle I have and old red egg basket filled with this fun paper garland that I made a few years ago.  The idea came from Pam Garrison on the Heather Bullard website.  I will show my 2013 Valentine’s Mantle soon…just a few tweaks I am still working on!


The above photo comes from Brenda at JB Knacker! 

A rusty old bed spring adorned with a homespun heart with some added bling in the center…my guess is an old brooch or earring.

She is one fun gal with AMAZING talent!  Her store is right here in IOWA!  The quaint little town of Gilbert.  Here is a photo of exterior of her shop….how darling is this!?  Image

Her displays are drool worthy and she is always thinking outside of the box!  Go check her out and say “Hi!” 

Hope this post will get your creative juices flowing and help to create a warm, cozy & loving home for Valentine’s Day!

Warm Hugs,


Little Prairie Girl



Valentine Wreath

ImageEach year I love to bring out my Valentine’s wreath I made.  I do not have it hanging on my door, but have it proudly displayed on my dining room column as you enter my front door looking thru to the dining room.

It’s a CHEAP craft to make as most of you are probably still on a TIGHT budget that results from overspending on loved ones….especially my children!!

For the base of the wreath, I used a old piece of cardboard from a Christmas box we received in the mail.  It’s corrugated cardboard so it makes it a little more sturdy.

I used old sheet music for the wording part. The burlap ruffle is a torn strip of burlap that is hot glued on every inch or so.  The center of the heart is tan coffee filters.  I think I bought these at a health food store..if you can’t find any just tea dye regular white ones for the same effect and let dry overnight before you begin this craft.

Check out this post for the step by step instructions:


I hope you are doing well this winter and look forward to seeing you all in a few short months for our Spring Barn Sale in April 2013!



Little Prairie Girl

Black Friday & Small Business Saturday {& Sunday}

If you are not aware, the barn doors at Little Prairie Girl will be closing
for the remainder of 2012 after this coming weekend!
{It will just be too cold in the barn!}

So be sure to stop out at the LPG Barn sometime
Friday, November 23 – Sunday, November 25, from 10a-3p!

Why not close out the year with a big ol’ sale!

Lastly, you are now able to purchase gift certificates!
Perfect for the upcoming holidays or birthdays.

We look forward to seeing you all one last time before the barn doors close!

Christmas in the Country

Sorry we have been absent lately!

We have been busy with the past Barn Sale, and preparing the Barn for a little Christmas in the Country!

We hope that this weekend will get you in the Christmas holiday spirit.

Please note, there will be NO EARLY SALES!

The Barn, Machine Shed, and Hen House doors will open at 4pm!

For your safety, please do NOT park on the road.
There are 3 parking lots around the farm for your safety and convenience.

Vendor List:

Little Prairie Girl
Country Chic
Simply Rooted
Shabby Shack
T’s Vintage & Vogue
Orphan Annie’s
Crazy Daisies
Farmers Market Bakers
Junk Acres
Marci’s Baubles
Tomboy Tools
Pampered Chef
PastTime Treasures
Sue’s VintiQue JUNKtion
The Painted Crow
Kelly’s VintiQue JUNKtion
Pine Peddler
Bloomin Adorable

Also, soup and cold sandwiches will be available for purchase from the Whispering Moose

Barn Sale Secret!!

Hey Little Prairie Girl Fans!

Have I got some news a secret for you!  You are going to love!  But, it is going to take a little work first.  :)

Please head over to our Facebook page,
and ‘share’ the big post card picture to your own Facebook wall or page!


LPG wants to gain more ‘likes’ to share the Barn Sale love.  Share the post card with all your junkin’, antique, vintage, uncommon find huntin’ and lovin’ friends!  They can thank you later.  :)

Let me tell you, you will be happy you did once the secret is revealed.

Since the sale is just around the corner,
I hope you have made plans to attend one or both days!

If you haven’t noticed yet, the times are a little different this sale.  So please make note!

As of now, there are around 27 booths for this sale!

Shabby Shack has moved locations….
from the loft in the Barn out to the Machine Shed.
Hopefully it will be a little easier for Mel and gang, as well as for all of you, to move your fabulous finds.

In that former space, there are now 3 new vendors.

In addition, there is a new floral area for silks.

Do you believe that I haven’t even shared the secret yet?
Not until next week after there are more ‘likes’.

So, head over to the LPG Facebook page and share the Barn Sale details.

Be watching next week as I hope to post some fun little sneak peeks!

Nicole…Farmgirl Chaos….Self-Proclaimed Personal Assistant

Weekend Junkin’ in June Cancelled for LPG

LPG Fans!  Natalie and Kevin need to cancel being at Junkin’ in June ~ 2nd Annual Central Iowa Junk Jaunt…due to their son hurting his neck.  They are currently in the ER with him.  

In addition, the barn will no longer be open on Wednesday.

Please keep their son, and the family as a whole, in your prayers.

But keep your junkin’ plan, as all other vendors and stores will be open as planned.  


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